The 10 Best Pool Accessories

the 10 best pool accessories

1. Mermaid Shell Float: The swan float is so 2016… Upgrade your pool float & fulfill your dreams of becoming a mermaid with this adorable shell float, complete with a “pearl” beach ball in the center.

2. Pineapple Cup & Straw: Totally acceptable for the pool, beach, or other outdoor activities, we cannot get enough of this cute & practical pineapple cup.

3. Inflatable Chair: Not gonna lie, we kind of want this inflatable chair for indoors too… Banana leaf, inflatable chair, can go in the pool-does it get any better?

4. Margarita Float: Grab a drink & prop yourself on this full size margarita float for some afternoon r&r.

5. Ice Cream Sandwich Towel: We already have the giant donut beach towel from last summer & just ordered this one because it’s too. freakin’. cute!

6. Badminton Set: This set is under $40, can be used both in the water & on land, & comes with a carrying case making it the best toy ever.

7. Inflatable Unicorn Drink Holder: It’s a unicorn. It holds your drink & floats in the pool. Need we say more…?

8. Gummy Bear Float: This gummy bear float has been on our radar for quite some time now & we finally pulled the trigger. It’s super cozy to lounge in during a pool day, FYI.

9. Ice Cream Bubble Blower: While typically we associate bubble blowers with little kids, we’re not gonna lie, we totally want this one. Plus, for only $7 you get a pack of two!

10. Palm Leaf Outdoor Bag: Pack up all your bubble blowers, games, beach towels-aka everything from above & toss ’em in this adorable outdoor bag for easy travel & a cute look.

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