The Best Winter Beauty Products

glossier supers review

Each season our skin reacts differently to beauty products. From weather to tans, dry to humid temperatures, & everything in between, a new season most definitely calls for new beauty products. So folks, here is your excuse to go buy the best products on the market now! Trust … [Read more...]

The Best Holiday Gifts For Foodies

The Best Holiday Gifts For Foodies

If you read our site chances are you love food in all shapes & forms, including fashion. That's why we rounded up the best holiday gifts for foodies, even if that means a gift for yourself! From candy to ornaments, makeup sets (say whaaaat) & more, shop the best gift … [Read more...]

Where To Eat: The Cookie Joint

The Cookie Joint

    While all of our reviews highlight the best items you should be eating at each restaurant this review is a bit different as you can eat this food in the comfort of your own home. The Cookie Joint, a Chicago based company, serves up delicious cookies, specifically, cookie … [Read more...]