Krispie Pop Orders!!!

Custom Food Orders Krispie Pops

You’ve seen our style. You’ve seen our recipes. You’ve created our recipes. (Wait, have you?! Brings tears to our eyes. Share what you’ve made for a chance to be featured! or #PLSRfood) Now you can eat our recipes without even lifting a finger!

Custom Food Orders Krispie Pops

Public Lives, Secret Recipes is so excited to announce the launch of our online orders! From here on out, you can easily order Krispie Pops in a variety of flavors & you can even place custom orders! Check out the Krispie Pops below & either email or comment below to place an order! They make for delicious gifts, perfect favors, unreal snacks for yourself & of course they look really, really awesome in an Instagram.

Available Flavors:
Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Cake Batter
Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Custom Food Orders Krispie Pops

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