Lifestyle Guide to NYC Meatpacking District

Lifestyle Guide to NYC Meatpacking District

Lifestyle Guide to NYC Meatpacking District

Contrary to it’s not so cute name, The Meatpacking District is one of the most beautiful & bustling areas of New York City from the restaurants, the fashion, the shopping, the hotels, & the people.

1. Catch: EMM Group never disappoints. Wait, I take that back. They fully disappointed me by closing Abe & Arthur’s. But I guess they made up for it with their unforgettable, out of this world dining experience at Catch. This place is good. I mean reaaally good. With a club right upstairs some might think this place isn’t exactly for them but the food is too good to pass up & it’s one of my mom’s favorite places to go while we’re in NYC. (not that you shouldn’t be out in a club atmosphere Mom…)

Their menu is somewhat large so I’ve decided to narrow it down with what I like to call, “my list within a list”. Here it goes:

a.) parmesan-truffle fries. you had me at truffle.

b. tuna crunchy rice cakes. mind blowing good.

c.) scallop gnocci. the cutest dish ever. seriously, everything is so mini it’s adorable.

d.) macaroni & lobster cream. do I even need to explain?

e.) empire roll. empire state of mind = empire roll.

Lifestyle Guide to NYC Meatpacking District

2. Chelsea Market: I like to think of this place as a microcosm of NYC. Packed with tons of different varieties of food & small gift boutiques (they even host tons of great sample sales), Chelsea Market has it all. It is almost like a museum in the sense that when you enter from the front, you visit different “exhibits”: restaurants, cafes, boutiques, galleries, etc. you journey through.

Side note: when I came here a few years ago with my family, something incredible happened. I won a contest off the lid of a Snapple bottle. Yup, you heard me. Want to know what I won?! A downloadable Snapple calendar… I was still pleased as I was just excited to win something. Anyways Chelsea Market is a great place to come with family, friends, or even just to wander by yourself.

3. Gansevoort Meatpacking: One of the coolest hotels I’ve ever stayed at. I’ll leave it at this: the first time I stayed here with my family we knew we recognized the rooms from somewhere else.

Kardashian Gansevoort Meatpacking

You saw that right. Yes there is a minor difference in the fact that their classy pink pillow got replaced for a unicorn pillow pet but still !!! Hopefully you can make out those images; sorry for the lack of clarity. iTunes doesn’t let you take screen shots of their shows so it had to be taken with my phone & the one of my family was probably taken back when the iPhone was just that, the iPhone, no number after it…

Lifestyle Guide to NYC Meatpacking District

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