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Ultimate Birthday Party

There’s no denying as we get older birthdays tend to get looked down upon a bit more. Read along to see how you can throw the ultimate party at any age!

Bando Krispop Cake

LF Birthday Post

Funfetti Krispop Cake

1. Have the ultimate cake: funfetti layered cake covered in funfetti frosting & topped with cake batter Krispops! Ya, doesn’t get much better than that…

DIY sprinkle balloons

2. DIY Balloons: take simple white circle balloons & cover them in strips of colored paper to achieve a sprinkle balloon look!

birthday party

3. Par-tay time!: Throw all your decorations & desserts together into a picnic styled lunch. It’s easy & something different that will keep guest feeling comfortable & happy!

Ultimate Arm Candy

4. Take-a-way: Goodie bags are often thought of for kids parties but who doesn’t love walking away with a little treat for themselves?! Set up an arm candy bar filled with candy bracelets & adorable bracelets from Michele Lee Designs.

Cake Batter Krispop Cake

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Sprinkle Lipstick