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Joey Maalouf
Joey Maalouf enjoying his #KRISPOPS–“I die”
Jacey Duprie, Damsel in Dior, revealed some big secrets such as her desire not to be a Damsel in Dior. When asked if she could go back & change anything Duprie responded, “I hate saying this but the name, Damsel in Dior.” The inability to trademark the name along with the issues other brands have in featuring someone automatically associated with another brand leaves Duprie wishing she had spent more time on the brand. Ironically, she also dropped a huge bombshell of her latest collaboration with Splendid that will be released in the fall. Initially released on Snapchat (shameless plug…follow me! @plsrfood) just minutes before she declared it at Simply Stylist, Duprie was beyond excited to share the news.
Sazan Barzani
Seriously a dream come true: a huge inspiration of mine Sazan Barzani enjoying her #KRISPOPS!!!

Aside from the Damsel, Sazan Barzani, Joey Maalouf, & Corri McFadden all shared incredible insight from their past experiences. McFadden, a PLSR favorite who’s built quite the empire in Chicago, taught the importance of being strong & learning how to block out the negativity whether it be from Instagram trolls or business partners. Check out more of Corri’s story as well as her delicious birthday cake pancakes recipe here! Sweet as can be, Barzani shared her knowledge of starting from square one, realizing we’ve all been there & not to let intimidation get the best of you. Maalouf, possibly the funniest & most entertaining person around, led us through his entire journey including how he met Rachel Zoe. While working for Henri Bendels, Maalouf happened to be doing the makeup of an agent who soon would introduce the two & become fast friends. Maalouf, giving advice he stated was, “the most unprofessional” got a call from this agent, met Zoe, & the next day called Bendels saying, “I’m never coming back, sorry!”

Cara Santana of The Glam App
Cara Santana of The Glam App

All of the panelists strength along with their humor has contributed to their success majorly. Aside from the panelists, Lauren Gores of Lauren’s Lyst, Cara Santana of The Glam App (& a million other successful business ventures–seriously this woman does it all!), & so many others spoke sharing their stories giving all inspiration & determination to one day be where all of these incredibly successful people are at.

Sazan Hendrix

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