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Taste Talks The Publican
Toast from The Publican served at Taste Talks.

1. Taste Talks recently hosted its second conference in Chicago. The event consisted of two days filled with speakers, food, competitions, & so much more. I sat down with Kristina Mack of Broken Tart & pastry chef Matt Rice of The Publican to pick their brains about all things food. Mack & Rice both agreed one of their favorite sweet treats to make is ice cream. However, when asked about any secret ingredients they use Rice confessed to switching up a staple ingredient in baking. “I used to do a s’mores cookie & I would do graham cracker crumbs in place of part of the flour so it gives it a super graham-y flavor. That’s also a good opportunity to use cereal in a cookie, grinding up cereal & using that as part of the flour, too.” said Rice. Kristina agreed in the fact that, “mixing up flours is my secret ingredient for cookies. You can create such different textures as opposed to just using all-purpose [flour].” Check out some of our favorite cookie recipes below!

Nutella Stuffed Cookies | Banana Bread Cookies | Brownie Sundae Cookies

candy dress
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2. Aside from this site, fashion & food often cross paths more than one might think. I’m not talking shopping & lunch with friends (although I’m a huge fan of those days). Shop the links below to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

French Toast Pajamas | Italian Breakfast Flats | Food Is My Only Friend Sweater | Floral Cone Shirt

Spring Transitional Style
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3. Shop some of my favorite pieces of this season below! Enjoy!! xo

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