Where To Eat: GE Bistro

Where To Eat: GE Bistro

You may recognize the name Graham Elliot from the Food Network (Masterchef Jr., Masterchef, Iron Chef America, & Top Chef Masters), September 19th which was declared Graham Elliot Day by the Mayor of Chicago, Lollapalooza Culinary Director, & the incredible restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop. Elliot is a staple amongst Chicagoans & has surely made a name for himself nationally as well. GE Bistro, Elliot’s casual fine dining restaurant, serves up classic American dishes using old-school techniques. Read on to see the must haves while dining at one of Chicago’s top spots.

Truffle Popcorn GE Bistro

For starters, the Truffle Parmesan Popcorn is our go-to. Seasoned with salt, pepper, truffle oil, chives, & parmesan cheese, this could possibly be the fanciest popcorn you’ll ever encounter. Elliot notes in his book that popcorn makes a great starter as it’s satisfying yet less filling. The flavors on this starter certainly set the tone for what was to come.

Graham Elliot Bistro Review

Shortrib Stroganoff is our #1 recommendation at GE Bistro. While it may look like an intimidating dish, the flavors react perfectly with one another & are portioned to get you that perfect bite each time. The tender shortrib sits upon a bed of toasted spaetzle, forest mushrooms, & dill créme fraiche.


Finally we had the highly acclaimed Cheddar Risotto. Typically when dishes are this built up we are a bit let down, but not with this one. For crying out loud, Elliot even serves this with his own homemade Cheez-Its! Doesn’t get much better than that. Or does it? Smoked bacon, green apple, onion, & thick creamy risotto. Graham Elliot you are wonderful.

Make sure to check out GE Bistro at 841 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL.

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