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Where To Eat In Chicago Harvest Juicery

Our latest obsession may surprise you as it’s healthy, & we mean really healthy. Could you ever guess that us dessert loving snackers would fall for the whole cold-pressed juice thing? Us either, until we tried out Harvest Juicery. It was love at first sight when entering Harvest Juicery. The decor immediately transplants you somewhere much warmer (far from it’s actual Chicago location) with it’s almost entirely white interior & plant lined walls. Happy vibes & we haven’t even gotten to the juices & food yet.

Harvest Juicery Chicago Restaurant

First up was the breakfast toast: AB & Local J. Think a grown up PB&J, this almond butter & local jam toast is topped with sliced bananas & local honey from Gentle Breeze. A bit skeptical on how fancy one can make a PB&J (or in this case, AB&J) without taking away from this staple, we were pleasantly surprised with this toast. The dish remained simple yet the honey & almond butter were unique touches that we would surely order again.

Best Avocado Toast In Chicago

Next up was the Avocado Toast. With 5 types to choose from we went with the Orange, Red Onion, & Mint. Now this is one avocado toast that actually lives up to the hype. No plain old avocado toast with chili flakes & olive oil here. The juicy oranges, refreshing mint, crunchy & slightly spicy red onion all topped on 5 grain 5 seed toasted bread & creamy avocado which acts as the buffer to the stronger ingredients.

Best Juicery In Chicago

Now for the juices, hence the name, what Harvest Juicery is known for. Our first juice was “The HJ” their signature green juice which is made with spinach, green grapes, celery, & Portuguese salt cream. Since Harvest Juicery juices are cold pressed they contain more enzymes & nutrients. Once we heard this we were truthfully nervous that meant they wouldn’t taste as good. Boy were we wrong. These juices are better than most we’ve had before. They’re thinner meaning they’re easier to drink & don’t even taste like you’re drinking green at all. Cold-pressed juices are able to retain all the nutrients & enzymes since they are hydraulically pressed. This means the press doesn’t generate any heat & instead is pressed with thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the juice. Each Harvest Juicery juice contains 2-3 pounds of vegetables in each one. Yup you read that correct & to reiterate it doesn’t even taste like you’re drinking green at all. Aside from “The HJ” we also love their “Green Jucie No.1”.

Harvest Juicery Chicago

When people typically think of juicing they think green. Yet Harvest Juicery has a multitude of drinks to offer. From smoothies to nut milks, & root juice to fruit juice, we couldn’t pass up trying some others. The “Grapefruit Juice” made with grapefruit, coconut water, Himalayan sea salt, & mint is a must try along with their cold brew coffee. Our absolute favorite however was the Young Thai Coconut Water. Much like the Avocado Toast, Harvest Juicery truly sets themselves above the bar with this one. Infused with Young Thai Coconut Meat this juice is as refreshing as the atmosphere of Harvest Juicery.

Where To Eat In Chicago

So thank you, Harvest Juicery, for making eating & drinking healthy taste really, really good.

Best Juicery In Chicago

Best Juicery In Chicago

Best Avocado Toast In Chicago

Make sure to check out Harvest Juicery at 1012 W. Lake St, Chicago, IL. They also deliver! For more info. on delivery click: here.

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