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These days there are almost as many food trucks as restaurants. The latest on the scene: The Fat Pickle. Yet Sarah & Sam, The Fat Pickle’s owners, are no newbies to the food truck let alone culinary world. In fact, Sarah & Sam were one of the first to have a food truck in Chicago: The Fat Shallot. Before that, they traveled the world working everywhere from local farms to Michelin starred restaurants. Now they’re coming to you in two trucks to serve up some of the greatest sandwiches & fries Chicago has ever seen.

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French fries are a staple on both The Fat Shallot & The Fat Pickle’s menus. While The Fat Shallot offers Truffle & Spicy Sesame options, The Fat Pickle stays on theme serving up fries covered in their Fat Pickle sauce & crispy pastrami. If you’re looking for a lighter option their garlic & herb fries are equally as delicious. We’ve tried all options at both trucks & it’s impossible to pick a favorite as you truly can’t go wrong with any of them.

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The menu at The Fat Pickle stands up to the saying quality over quantity. While their menu may be small consisting of only 4 items, that is more than enough options. The Fat Pickle takes classics such as a Reuben & puts their special touches on it with their garlic slaw & Fat Pickle sauce.

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If you’re looking for a lighter option, their turkey sandwich is your best bet. Made with pickled green tomatoes, sliced turkey pastrami, Havarti cheese, & mixed greens on a pretzel bun with herb aioli, this is one sandwich we’ll never tire of. While we’re not typically huge tomato fans we couldn’t get enough of these pickled green tomatoes. Unlike anything we’ve ever tried before every single ingredient on this sandwich added value & made for one of the most delicious sandwiches we’ve ever had.

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Another game changer on their menu is the salami sandwich. Made with pickled red onions, smoky BBQ sauce, grilled salami and a sunnyside-up egg on a challah bun do we even need to explain why this sandwich tops our list? Every sandwich at The Fat Pickle is made with the freshest ingredients including the softest & fluffiest buns we’ve ever had.

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It’s evident once you’ve tried The Fat Pickle that the chef on board is in fact a chef. While most food trucks are run by those with no culinary training, The Fat Pickle serves up some of the most incredible food in Chicago. Better than tons of restaurants we’ve been to too! Aside from their knowledgable background & talent in the kitchen (err, truck?), the staff at The Fat Pickle are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Everything about our experience at The Fat Pickle was above & beyond what we’d ever expect from a truck or restaurant & you can bet we’ll be back there ASAP.

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Check out The Fat Pickle‘s schedule here.

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    OMG this looks incredible! I love food trucks and will be in Chicago in a few weeks so very glad I know about this.

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