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3D Gummy Printer Dylan's Candy Bar

Weeks ago Dylan’s Candy Bar unveiled one of the most innovative products to ever hit the candy world: 3D Gummy Printers. Available exclusively at their Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, & Miami locations these gummy printers are complete with edible glitter too!

Chicago Gummy Printer

While this invention is surely something everyone would like to try, it comes at a time where consumers are more than ever looking for healthier alternatives. Luckily this was something the creators took into account which resulted in an all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, & dairy-free gummy. Trust us, you would never know this based off the delicious tasting candy it delivers.

Dylan's Candy Bar Gummy Printer 3D

So how exactly does this all work? For starters you either send an image of something you’d like printed (black & white images with no background contrast tend to work the best, especially for portraits), choose an image from their database, or draw an image yourself. Once you finalize your picture & choose which flavor you’d like it printed in, it gets sent to their systems which almost instantaneously print off your picture in gummy form. How exactly does that even happen? A syringe filled with one flavor of gummy ingredients is heated upon selection, it then syncs up with their computer system which tells it exactly what image to print. Alas watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes. Once finished, you have the option for edible glitter or sour spray on top of your gummy. Each gummy costs $20 & let us tell you, the entire experience is well worth the money.

Dylan's Candy Bar Candy Printer

As far as flavors go, currently there are 8 options. Each location, however, is coming up with their own flavor that will be entirely based off the employees brainstorming. Chicago so far is dreaming of either a banana or pineapple flavor. While that is still up in the air, one thing that they are working hard to produce is a rainbow syringe which would print the gummy in multiple colors.

Candy Printer USA

Candy Printer

3D Gummy Printer

Dylan's Candy Bar Gummy Printer

Make sure to visit Dylan’s Candy Bar: here.

*Food C/O Dylan’s Candy Bar.


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