How To Look Your Best

 SteamOne Garment Steamer T8S

Prepping for a big event in life comes with a lot of preparation. Whether it’s a work event, family function, or simply a gathering with friends, we always want to look our best & be fully prepared. So with Simply Stylist right around the corner, we knew we wanted to be all set for an incredible event experience. We gathered pens & notepads to take notes, business cards to hand out, & spent a little too much time picking out the right outfit. Hey, an event with some of the most fashionable attendees calls for the perfect get-up! In order to truly look our best; however, we turned to our SteamOne garment steamer.

Having a properly steamed outfit not only helps you look beyond pulled together, it’s extremely professional. Not to mention, it helps the outfit photograph better, an essential for a fashion filled day at Simply Stylist. Our SteamOne steamer is super easy to use & only takes a few minutes to get the job done.

The efficiency of SteamOne is something we can truly appreciate on the morning of a big event. The high quality garment steamer is our secret ingredient … powerful enough to get wrinkles out of heavy denims, yet gentle enough to work on the most delicate of fabrics, like the romper we’ll be wearing to Simply Stylist in Chicago.

Simply Stylist Chicago

Simply Stylist Chicago will be held July 16, 2016 at the Dana Hotel & Spa (660 North State Street, Chicago, Illinois 60654).

SteamOne x Simply Stylist Collaboration

*Thank you SteamOne & Simply Stylist for sponsoring this post!


    • Caitlin says

      It makes such a huge difference & this one is incredible!! Definitely check them out! xo