10 Ways To Update Your Bedroom On A Budget

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Sometimes you just need to hit refresh on certain parts of your life & with the new year approaching there’s never been a better time. After all, how many of us say “new year, new me” as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st (OK so maybe we say it 5pm on the 1st as we had a bit too much champagne the night before…). This year we chose to start our resolutions a bit early by revamping our bedroom. As a place where we spend a good majority of our days & nights, this safe haven deserved a makeover. However redecorating doesn’t come without a hefty price tag…or can it? Luckily for you (& us!) we rounded up 10 super easy & affordable ways to update our bedroom on a budget. These tips & tricks can easily be purchased &/or applied to your own bedrooms. Here are the 10 ways to easily, quickly, & affordably update your bedroom:

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1. Add Some Blooms: By adding fresh (or faux–these look super real & pretty!) flowers to a room instantly livens it up & adds some beauty. If you’re wanting to indulge, fresh flowers will run you anywhere from $5-15 per week while these silk ones are only $11 & look absolutely stunning!

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2. Out With The Old: Find the oldest piece of decor in your room & say bye-bye. We’re not talking vintage furniture here but rather that old pillow sham that has been with you for one too many leases & certainly shows for it… We found a nearly identical set, here, & the fabric is even more durable than the last ones (which lasted about 5 years!).

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3. Be Smart With Storage: Whether you have a tiny city apartment or just a teensy shopping problem (guilty for both…) finding the best way to store items is essential. Shoes for instance, if not properly cared for can wear & tear without any actual wear. While we had ours stacked neatly along the windowsill the remaining pairs were thrown into the closet as to keep the room organized only to have those shoes be stacked upon one another & nearly destroyed. Create a DIY shoe rack from copper pipes or purchase one, here, for a chic yet confined storage solution.

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4. Take Your Health Into Account: Confused how your health plays a role in a bedroom makeover? The answer is simple: with the amount of time we spend just sleeping in our beds, we want to make sure our bodies are treated the way they should be. A silk pillowcase allows for less breakage amongst your hair, prevents wrinkles, less breakouts & more!

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5. Make Your Space Feel Like Home: Sure you’ve lived there for how many years but does your room truly feel like a home? When individuals aren’t in their “forever homes” they tend to skimp on certain finishing touches such as framing a poster or collage. We found this frame for under $15 & it instantly made the room look more put together.

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6. Brighten It Up: While this may sound like an obvious bedroom makeover idea, there are several ways to go about it. Floor lamps, table lamps, string lights, chandeliers, the options are endless. We opted for string lights which will double as a reading light since they’re right over the bed.

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7. Get Rid Of Memories: Ok so don’t get rid of the good ones but get rid of the ones that hold unpleasant ones. Thoughts of an ex, an unpleasant time at school, your last apartment, whatever it may be–let it go. You’ll not only feel better yourself but hey, your room will end up looking better!

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8. Get Crafty: A simple piece of fabric glued on top of an older fabricated item can easily & inexpensively give you the dream furniture piece you’ve always wanted.

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9. Do The Job Yourself: The thought of painting furniture ourselves was a bit intimidating but thankfully this Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan made the job super simple. In the end we found this makeover step to be the most therapeutic & rewarding!easy bedroom makeover hacks

10. Don’t Forget Finishing Touches: Knobs are a super simple & inexpensive way to make your room look & feel as an adult room should. They instantly add elegance & cohesiveness to any space while not breaking the bank.

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  1. Jessica says

    I need a bedroom makeover so badly and these are such a great way to achieve this!!! I also love that paint 🙂 I have a dresser that needs a coat or two badly!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries