The Best Gifts For Yourself

So technically this gifts for “you” doesn’t apply to everyone but the concept behind each piece does. Don’t wear nail polish? Still treat yo’ self with a pampering day: facial, massage, etc. Don’t use handbags? Invest in something you will use everyday, everywhere. Get it? Got it? Good. Here are the items (& ideas) of things you now have an excuse to buy for yourself:

1. Handbag: This first item is a bit of a splurge but with the neutral color, classic bucket shape, & high quality material, it’s definitely worth it. It’s the perfect investment piece that you’ll wear all year long.

2. Leggings: By now you’ve accumulated what? 10, 15 pairs of leggings. Some of which the waistband is stretched out, some you can only wear in your home while others are reserved for a night out. Do yourself a favor & invest in these affordable, comfortable, & super chic fleece lined liquid leggings. You’ll thank us later.

3. Lipstick: A nude lip is not only super trendy right now but also appropriate for all occasions. This shade somehow flatters nearly every skin colors perfectly & stays on all. day. long.

4. Wine Glass: Indulge in some nice wine glasses, order in a pizza or two, turn on Netflix, & prepare yourself for the best night ever. That’s exactly the set-up they had in mind with “Stay Fancy”, right?

5. Suitcase: Purchasing a new suitcase for yourself will help give you that nudge you need to book a trip. Traveling alone is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself & this suitcase is the cherry on top. Plus it’s marble printed so like yes, hello, this is a necessity.

6. Nail Polish: This affordable gift is the perfect way to treat yourself to some good ‘ole pampering. With 2017 right around the corner (ah!) take a night off to spoil yourself!

7. Handbag: We know, we know, we already have a handbag on this list! However this one is under $50 so it had to make the list.

8. A Puppy: Ok so if you can’t get a puppy right now (hello huge responsibility) but instead opt for this adorable sketched Frenchie picture!

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