The Best Holiday Gifts: Books

This holiday season give a gift that keeps on giving. Perfect for those impossible to shop for, a book allows for gift receivers to keep learning, inspiring, cooking, & more depending on what type of book it is! We’ve got pretty much everyone covered with this holiday gift guide of 10 amazing books you may even want to snag for yourself!

For The Foodie: ‘Tis the season for baked goods galore & what better way to indulge than by baking them yourself! Snag top secret recipes from Momofuku’s Milk Bar, famous for their Crack Pie & Cake Batter Truffles, in this cookbook.

For The One Who Inspires: Perfect for that person who is Pinterest crazy “pinning” quote after quote to find motivation or keep theirs alive.

For The Old Soul: Is there anything that sounds better than cozying up by the fire with a classic novel? Just add in some shortbread cookies & we’ve found the perfect winter activity.

For The Class Clown: Author Jenny Mollen shares her most ridiculous stories that have us either saying, “been there, done that” or “this lady is nuts!”. Either way we’ve totally fallen for Jenny, Jason Bigg’s wife, since reading this hilarious book.

For The Fashionista: This is the perfect gift for someone pursuing (or hoping to!) a career in fashion. Tons of advice, stories, & clothing are thrown together in this inspiring #GirlBoss novel.

For The Entertainer: Perfect for the hostess with the mostess! Lauren Conrad’s, Celebrate, is filled with all the best party throwing tips, treats, & more!

For The Netflix Addict: We all have that friend (or 20 of them) who binge watch Netflix like it’s their job. We can’t blame them but this holiday season allow them to dive deeper into some of the best series with the written versions such as this one for the “Narcos” lover written by Pablo Escobar’s son himself!

For The Health Nut: You know that friend who is gluten, dairy, soy, & pretty much everything else-free? Get. Them. This. Book. It shares some really amazing recipes using whole, healthy foods that even we enjoyed!

For The Homebody: This book not only makes a great coffee table read but gives you an excuse to wear pajamas all, snuggle up by the fire, & sip hot cocoa (made from scratch, of course!).

For The Professional: If you know someone who is a student, looking for a job, or trying to improve their career (aka pretty much everyone) then this book is the perfect thoughtful gift.