Friday Favorites

Apolis Custom Bag

Favorite Accessory: We’ve been toting this bag non-stop ever since we got it. From it’s customizability (text, color, etc.) to their ‘advocacy through industry’ approach, there’s nothing we don’t love about these Apolis bags. P.S. they’re also super durable & great for transporting groceries, clothes, & more!

Shop Bags: Vancouver | Virginia | general

Bissinger's Gummy Candy

Favorite Candy: After about 2 weeks of healthy eating we’ve been looking for a reward. These gummy bears from Bissinger’s are just the sweet treat we’ve been needing as they’re much better than your typical candy. You would never guess this candy is gluten-free&  made with organic sweetener & genuine fruit extracts based on it’s delicious taste. Plus we absolutely love that it’s packaged in a resealable bag to ensure freshness (as if we don’t eat them all in one sitting..).

Shop Bissinger’s: blackberry hibiscus | pomegranate white tea | apricot green tea | raspberry yumberry | pink grapefruit | blueberry acai

Best Drugstore Hair Products Of 2017

Favorite Beauty Product: When you see the results of this hair product you’ll be utterly shocked that you can snag it from the drugstore. Aside from smelling amazing this leave in conditioner will transform your hair into silk.

Shop Hair Products: leave in conditioner (also here) | wet brush | towel | hairspray


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