9 Famous Foods You Can Get Delivered Straight To Your Door

9 famous foods that you can get shipped to your door

While we’d love to travel the world & taste all of the amazing foods each city has to offer, we’ve got this little thing called work. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Luckily in this day-in-age more & more companies are realizing just how badly everyone wants to try their treats which is why they’re making them readily available via another little thing called the internet. Baked goods, even full meals can all be sent straight to your door fresh from all over the world & we’ve rounded up the 9 best places you must try immediately!

P.S. there are lots of coupons for you guys throughout the post!! Enjoy! xo

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cakebites

1. Sweet Tooth Fairy: When your resume includes winning Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, it comes as no surprise that your stuff is really, really ridiculously delicious as is the case with Utah based Sweet Tooth Fairy. With an extensive menu of cakebites (our personal favorite), ice cream, cookies, & some of the most perfect cakes you’ll ever see, we’ve never been happier that food can now be shipped out of state!

Order Sweet Tooth Fairy: HERE

Gooey & Co Bites

2. Gooey & Co.: While you might not be familiar with what exactly gooey butter cake is, trust us, it’s something you’ll want to taste asap. While gooey butter cake is a staple in St. Louis, luckily for us, Gooey & Co. allows it to be a staple in your own home. Flavors range from original to caramelized banana, dark chocolate to honey lavender, & even a seasonal selection. Did we mention that they’re offering 10% off their already super reasonably priced orders with code “SECRET”. YAY!

Order Gooey & Co.: HERE

Little G's Ice Cream

3. Little G Ice Cream: When a kid starts an ice cream company that instantly becomes a national sensation you know you’ve gotta try some of it. That’s the case with Little G Ice Cream & let’s just say this stuff is ridiculously good. At just 17 years old Little G Ice Cream founder, Grace, is old enough to act on her entrepreneurial spirit but young enough to know that just one type of cookie in a cookie dough ice cream isn’t enough.

Order Little G Ice Cream: HERE

Edoughble Cookie Dough

4. Edoughble: Edoughble is basically your childhood dream of eating raw cookie dough brought to life. Except this stuff is guilt free as it’s totally edible, hence the name. No raw eggs allows this cookie dough to be just that, cookie dough. As if it wasn’t good enough, Edoughble comes in a variety of flavors such as Birthday Bash (think cake batter), Milk N’ Cookies, S’mores, Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, & more. Oh & to make things ever sweeter they’re offering 15% off (yup, you read that right!) from now until 3/31 with code: Sweetie15

Order Edoughble: HERE

Baba And Pops Pierogis

5. Baba & Pop’s Pierogi: OK as if we need to validate the incredible tastiness that is shown in that picture above… But we’ll do it anyways. Because that’s how much we love Baba & Pop’s Pierogi. Handmade in Denver, these pierogies come in the most unique flavors such as tomato basil mozzarella, chile relleno, buffalo chicken, & of course your classic cheese potato. They’re wildly flavorful & are perfectly packaged for you to make a few (lol, yea right) or the whole bag (that’s more like it) at a time.

Order Baba & Pop’s: HERE

Brownie Points Mini Brownies

6. Brownie Points: Aside from the incredible taste of each & every brownie from Brownie Points, we can’t get enough of just how creative each flavor is. Let’s be real, have you ever had a cake batter, cinnamon roll, pineapple upside down, or caramel macchiato brownie?? Thanks to Brownie Points, you totally can. Based out of Columbus, Ohio we’re completely hooked on the bite sized brownies that come individually gift wrapped from Brownie Points.

Order Brownie Points: HERE

Cait's Crispops Cake Batter Rice Krispie Pops

7. Cait’s Crispops: If cake pops & rice krispie treats had a baby this would be it. Combine that with some of the best flavors (cake batter, cookies & cream, cookie dough, etc.) & you’ve got yourself a real winner. Order a bunch of one flavor or a variety pack, regardless the best part is they have a super long shelf life & come individually wrapped. Can you say perfect gift?!

Shop Cait’s Crispops: HERE

Callie's Charleston Biscuits Pimento Cheese

8. Callie’s Charleston Biscuits: While you can find Pimento Cheese in most cities, there are only a handful that truly do it right. Once you’ve tasted Callie’s Charleston Biscuits Pimento Cheese you’ll agree that Charleston takes the cake on this one. Toss it on one of their biscuits & you’ve got the best sandwich you might ever taste. Be warned: this stuff is seriously addicting. Oh & while you’re at it, order some of their shortcakes too…you’ll thank us later.

Order Callie’s Charleston Biscuits: HERE

Bottega Louie Cake Batter Macarons

9. Bottega Louie: If you’ve ever been to the Bottega Louie restaurant & bakery in DTLA then you know just how stunning everything they create truly is. Mix that with the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted & you’ve got yourself a real winner. That’s exactly what these birthday cake macarons are: picture perfect & beyond tasty.

Shop Bottega Louie: HERE