NYFW Packing Must Haves

What To Pack For New York Fashion Week

Packing for any trip can be stressful. What will you need? What will you want? But what if you randomly need that black top you haven’t worn in 10+ years… Trust us, we get it. After trips for work, fun, & both we’ve finally mastered exactly what to pack for each trip. After our most recent trip to NYC for NYFW which was for both work & play, we wanted to share with you all some essentials that we seriously couldn’t pack without.

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1. Eye Pads: We’ve boasted about these firming eye gels before but couldn’t leave them out as they’re seriously our favorite. They immediately reduce puffiness under your eyes which we all know is an inevitable side effect of long travel days.

2. Pencils: Call us old school but when you’re traveling for work we prefer taking notes in a pad as opposed to a phone, iPad, laptop… It shows the other(s) you’re with that your attention is 100% to them as opposed to the 10 other tabs you’d probably have open if it were on some sort of technology.

3. Business Cards: Regardless of the reason for your travels, business cards are always a must. You never know who you’ll meet & you always want to be able to establish a connection past the first interaction (aka get their business card & make sure to give yours).

4. Moisturizer: Regardless of if you’re driving or flying to whatever the destination may be, traveling naturally dehydrates our skin which means having a moisturizer with you is essential. This one doubles as a makeup primer (it’ll help to keep your makeup in tact all day!) & is only 1.7 fl oz which means you can carry it on if you’re flying.

5. Serum: Another product we’ve talked about in other posts is this Hyaluronic Acid & vitamin B5 serum that we cannot seem to get enough of. We apply a dollop to our face & neck each night before bed everyday & add on once in the morning as well when traveling. It helps to keep skin soft, smooth, & hydrated-all three things we crave when traveling.

6. Portable Charger: It seems whenever we travel we blow through our phones battery WAY faster than normal. Perhaps it’s due to the map app, emails, & so much more constantly being checked but no matter the reason, a portable charger is essential.

7. Important Documents & Cases: While a passport might not be necessary for each trip you take, it is important to make sure you always have the right documents, cards, currencies, etc. with you when traveling. We swear by a passport case that has other slots for credit cards & more as it helps to keep us super organized & stress-free.

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    Great suggestions on what to put in your bag. I always have a moisturizer in my bag. Never thought about having a business card but I will print some with my name and phone or email address. Great idea!

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