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Honey Butter Fried Chicken Pizza

Favorite Restaurant: Eataly has long been one of our favorite spots. If you haven’t been (you’re missing out big time…) it’s basically a slice of Italy aka heaven. You can dine at multiple restaurants within the store, shop for groceries, & indulge in some of the best desserts you’ll ever taste. With multiple locations, you have no excuse not to visit Eataly asap. The Chicago location recently launched a series every Tuesday & Thursday night where they partner with local restaurants, chefs, & influencers to make a pizza of the restaurant/influencers choice. This delicious collaboration truly gives you the best of both worlds: experiencing a Chicago staple while exploring Eataly & tasting their pizzas. We tasted their Honey Butter Fried Chicken pizzas in collaboration with HBFC chefs Christine Cikowski & Josh Kulp. Yes, there were as good as it looks in that image above. Upcoming series includes restaurants such as Blue Door Kitchen, Monteverde, Lula Cafe, & many more. You can bet we’ll be at pretty much all of them…

Check Out The Eataly Chef Series Schedule: HERE

Where To Eat Pizza Review

Favorite Book: While we are on the topic of pizza, what’s better than a 500+ page book letting you know of every best pizza spot in the world that you must eat at?! We’ll wait… This book makes for an incredible gift because after all, what brings people together more than some good ‘ole pizza. Over 1,700+ pizza parlors, places, joints, & pizzerias are listed within this book as well as exactly what to order at each one. We’ve tested out their recommendations at a handful of Chicago pizza spots & never have they ever led us in the wrong direction. This trusty guide is not only a super fun read but full of knowledge & guidance on probably the most important topic ever: pizza.

Shop This Book: here & here

pizza towel

 Favorite Beach Accessory: Last summer you couldn’t step outside without seeing a swam float somewhere. This summer we’re calling that these oversized beach towels in the shapes of food will be the hottest accessory. Of course, staying on theme here, we absolutely love this pizza towel. Of course if you’re on a pizza overload from this post (is there even such a thing??) then some other awesome options are this ice cream sandwich (just ordered!), or watermelon.

Shop Food Beach Towels: pizza | ice cream sandwich | watermelon

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