Friday Favorites

Moon Cheese

Favorite Snack: It’s no secret that cheese is one of our favorite foods ever. However when you’re on-the-go 90% of the time, as we are, it’s not the easiest snack to bring with you. Take it from us, people tend to give you funny looks if you’re straight up biting a wedge of cheese in public… Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect solution: Moon Cheese, individual bags of different types of cheese that don’t have to be refrigerated & are resealable. Unlike standard cheese, Moon Cheese removes the moisture from each cheese while keeping the nutrition & flavor allowing for a crunchy, cheesey, & delicious snack.

Shop Moon Cheese: variety pack (also here)

Sushi Socks

Favorite Accessory: Remember our donut socks that we just couldn’t get enough of? Well, we have another sock obsession & this time it’s sushi socks. From the same brand that makes the donut socks you now have the option of dinner AND dessert socks. These adorably wrapped socks resemble sushi in their packaging & are beyond cozy once unwrapped & worn. Plus, is this not the best gift ever?!

Shop Sushi Socks: shrimp | tuna | salmon roe

Hand Drawn Card

Favorite Card: We cannot get enough of these hand drawn cards from AKR Design Studio. One of the best lessons we’ve ever learned in life is to always write a thank you note. Sure a thank you email, text, etc. is nice but a thank you note is a forgotten art that is so appreciated & leaves much more of an impact. If we’re being totally honest though, we have a hard time mailing out these AKR Design Studio cards because we just want to frame each & every one. They’re truly works of art!

Shop AKR Design Studio: cards | journals | totes

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