Top 5 S’more Recipes You Need To Make ASAP

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like s’mores? If so, please show or rather, explain yourself. We’re genuinely curious how you couldn’t love that crunchy yet gooey, chocolatey, delicious, & simple creation that a s’more is. We love s’mores so much that we came up with 5 variations to your standard s’more recipe. Some include other ingredients such as cookie dough while others make it acceptable to eat s’mores for breakfast. These are, in our opinion, the top 5 s’more recipes that you must make ASAP. Without further ado…

Mini S'mores Cereal Recipe

1. Mini S’mores Cereal: We’re so crazy about s’mores that we wanted an excuse to eat them all throughout the day. With this mini s’mores cereal recipe you totally can! In just 3 simple steps you can have the breakfast of your dreams that might also be the most adorable cereal ever.

S'mores Candy Bar Recipe

2. S’mores Candy Bar: This is definitely one of our favorite recipes to date. S’mores Candy Bars could not be easier to make & only involve 3 ingredients (duh, it’s still technically a s’more). Essentially it’s a giant s’more that you can make indoors, in 2 simple steps.

Cookie Dough S'mores Skillet Recipe

3. Cookie Dough S’mores Skillet: If there’s anything we love just as much as s’mores, it’s cookie dough. This isn’t so much a grownup take on your favorite summertime childhood treat as it is just an amazingly delicious upgrade.

Indoor S'mores On A Stick Recipe

4. Indoor S’mores On A Stick: S’mores on a stick are one of the best desserts to make & serve for any occasion as they’re appreciated by all ages, you can make dozens in just a few minutes, & unlike regular s’mores, they don’t require you standing outside to toast ’em.

S'more Truffles Recipe

5. S’mores Truffles: With just four ingredients, 20 minutes, & a warm, cozy room, you’ve got yourself some indoor s’more truffles that (dare we say it) taste almost better than the real stuff. Make sure to check out the video below for a super simple step-by-step demonstration of how to make these bad boys!

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