Friday Favorites

Paleo Bagels

Favorite Food: Bagels have always been a weakness of ours which is why we cannot get enough of Bedrock Bakers gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, all natural bagels! They taste exactly like the real deal & come in a wide variety of flavors, all while being a much better for you option. Lucky for you, they ship nationwide!

Shop Bedrock Bakers: pagels (aka paleo bagels) | baked goods

Chicago Boutique

Favorite Site: Devin, a Chicago based online boutique, launched earlier this week & let’s just say we basically ordered every.single.thing. The clothes & accessories are beyond adorable & super affordable making it our new go-to site for everything fashionable.

Shop Devin: tops | bottoms | accessories

Unicorn Cookies

Favorite Sweet Treat: How freakin’ adorable is this unicorn cookie from Toni Patisserie in Chicago! They make some of the stunning treats that are equally delicious. These cookies would be perfect for any & every celebration!

Shop Toni Patisserie: cakes | pastries