8 Cute & Cozy Sweats You’ll Live In

10 Cute & Cozy Swetas You'll Live In.001

If you’re like us the first thing you do after a long day leaving the house at all is get right back into your sweats. Well, at least, that’s what we used to do until we found these 8 cute & cozy clothing options that are technically sweats but can totally be worn in public. Dream come true, right?! From the softest graphic t-shirt you’ll ever find to the cutest sweats on the market, we’ve rounded up cozy wardrobe staples that you can wear in & out of the house!

Best Basic Sweatshirts

1. Everyone needs a great basic zip-up in their wardrobe & this is our absolute favorite one. Honestly, what’s not to love when it’s made from an eco-fleece fabric using organic & recycled materials, only $42, & comes in 8 colors! It’s perfect to throw on for a day at the beach, layered under a jean jacket for dinner, or on it’s own to lounge in, duh.

The Best Pajamas

2. These fuzzy shorts are perfect for that in-between weather we’ve been having lately here in Chicago. The contrasting silk bow is seriously the cutest & they come in a variety of styles/colors. Hurry & shop them though as some sizes are on sale for as low as $13!

Cozy Graphic T Shirts

3. Everyone has that one tank that’s probably 10 years old & so distressed you’d never be caught dead in it outside your home. Thankfully the broken-in look & feel of this graphic tank still somehow manages to be totally chic & completely acceptable to wear in public.

Coziest Sweats

4. Thanks to the athleisure trend, sweatpants are now marketed as “joggers”, “tracksuits”, basically anything to devoid from the fact that they are in fact just sweatpants. We’re honestly not sure why anyone would try to divert from the fact that you can wear sweats in public & have it be totally normal. Regardless, we’ve been living in these sweatpants (yup, we said it) & have even gone as far to pair them with a cropped grey sweatshirt & Adidas slides for a totally chic groufit.

Cozy T Shirts

5. By now you definitely get it, everything on this list is cute & cozy, blah blah. Honestly though this might be the cutest & coziest t-shrit of all time people. That deserves some reiteration! It’s oversized fit makes it perfect to pair with leggings for the gym (who are we kidding, couch) as well as for a throw on over a swimsuit. It’s safe to say we’ll be living in this shirt all summer.

Cute And Cozy Sweatshirts

6. Here’s the thing with this sweatshirt, you’ll get a million & a half compliments on it that you’ll wear it not just on Friday but literally every. single. day. of the week. The lace up detail & adorable quote makes it perfect for hanging out as well as going out.

The Coziest Sweatpants

7. These lightweight sweats are almost too luxurious to sleep in… Their tailored silhouette makes them acceptable to wear in public without leaving you feeling totally underdressed. Plus they come in 11 colors & with a matching shirt!


Cute And Cozy Sweats

8. This adorable sweatshirt easily doubles for both weekday & weekend wear. The embroidered stitching instantly amps up the cool factor of an otherwise simple sweatshirt yet it still carries all those cozy qualities of your favorite sweatshirt.

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