5 Ways To Cure A Bad Day (Or Week…)

Staycation At The Peninsula

1. Apply A Face Mask: To me this is the ultimate way to treat yo’self without compromising any of your time. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed the last thing I want to do is step away from work, life, whatever it is that’s consuming me to indulge. Reality is though, a little 5 minute break can do the mind a lot of good. Taking those few minutes to wash up & apply a mask are a guilty pleasure for me as they help to unwind & make me feel fresh again (even though I do so with my laptop still in hand…)

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2. Hit Refresh On Your Diet: Trust me when I say I’m the biggest offender of late night eating, stress eating, basically all the eating you’re not supposed to do when it comes to food. However a few weeks ago after a weekend of nothing but pizza I decided it was time to make a change. My skin had never looked worse, I felt bloated constantly, & was constantly irritated. Monday morning I vowed to eat healthy the entire day & much to my surprise I did! By the end of the night I was in the best mood despite my everlasting, overflowing workload. I truly believe a little detox (aka a normal diet loaded with veggies) can do a lot of good.

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3. Volunteer: Better yet, volunteer at an animal shelter. Nothing cheers me up quicker than a little puppy love, especially when it involves helping those in need. Giving back in general is such a great way to put things in perspective. My Dad always says in response to my pathetically dramatic complaints “if this is the worst thing that happens to you all day, then you’re having a great day”. Between this saying & the physical act of helping out, it can entirely change your perspective on the bad that’s causing you to have a rough day.

4. Call An Old Friend: Chances are the conversation will either ignite an old relationship & you’ll be thrilled OR it’ll be a ridiculously awkward conversation in which case you can have a good laugh & realize how much times have changed. That outlook on time will help you to realize that this too shall pass.

5. Plan A Staycation: OK so it’s been more than a bad day, it’s been a bad week, month, or year. We all have those period where it’s just one thing after another. You need an escape but you’re all out of PTO, flights are nearly double what you expected to pay, & all this travel crap is just allotting for more stress & another bad day. My advice? Skip the flight & instead splurge on a mini staycation! I recently did a staycation at The Peninsula in downtown Chicago with a few girlfriends & felt like a new person after spending a night in a giant, cozy bed & relaxing by their indoor pool. Being at a hotel, regardless of the location, instantly played a trick on my mind that I was on vacation & it instantly put me at ease.

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Bonus Tip: Watch a funny video! Below is one of my all-time favorites for a good laugh…


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    Calling an old friend always worked for me! I will try volunteering next time since I heard in church last Sunday that giving will make you smile again! And I was thinking about doing some volunteer work.