See Ya, Chicago!

Moving to LA

Hey, hey! Caitlin here. I have some prettttty big news today for ya. I’M MOVING TO L.A. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now & to be totally honest I thought writing this post would help it to feel more real. But it doesn’t. As excited as I am, I’m equally as terrified. I know a few people out there but Chicago has been very comfortable for the past 3+ years. To give you a little background, I’m from Cleveland, went to Indiana University, & after I graduated college in 2014, moved to Chicago. True Midwestern over here. I was fortunate enough to have a huge group of both home & school friends move to Chicago with me so I’ve never once felt homesick. It’s a quick 1 hour flight or 6 hour car ride to home & for 2 of the 3 years majority of my friends even lived in the same building as me. Some might say it was all a little too comfortable but to me it has been the absolute best. Slowly but surely friends started accepting new jobs in new cities & after visiting L.A. back in October it’s always been somewhat of an idea in my mind. One that I figured would remain an idea forever. It wasn’t until this past month that I decided to finally take the leap. After working on a new project that would require me to spend lots of time in L.A. I took it as a sign of all the stars aligning & here I am 2 months from calling L.A. home!

Moving to Los Angeles

With the move will come a few changes to PLSR. Over the past few years I’ve had interns, contributors, & so many others assisting me with the site. It’s why I’ve always written as “we” & “us” because I felt like I had a true team behind me. However now it will just be me & I’m pretty excited to get back to my roots. I’ll be sharing much more lifestyle content such as the process of moving, my new space (side note: if anyone knows of a place or someone who needs a roommate, hit me up plz!), what it’s like being a candyaholic in a city where people only eat kale (kidding, kind of…), so on & so forth. If there is anything you want me to talk more about, let me know! I’m always open to suggestions & want this to be a place where we can connect even more. There will still be tons of recipes, travel content, fashion, interviews, ya know, all the OG stuff. If you have suggestions on anything & I mean anything L.A. related pleaseeee let me know! xo


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