15 Things I’ll Miss About Chicago

Montrose Dog Beach Chicago

1. I think my friends might hate me for staring off the list with this one but PIZZAAAAA. Man, oh man am I going to miss this stuff. Honestly, before I moved to Chicago I wasn’t a fan of deep dish but living basically next door to a Lou Malnati’s for the past 3 years, let’s just say they practically know me by name in there…  Some of my favorite pizza spots are: Lou Malnati’s, Siena Tavern, Bar Siena, & Root’s Pizza (their ranch is the BEST).

2. If you’re familiar with Chicago then you know that view from Oak St. Beach where you look to your left & all you see for miles & miles is the beach but then you look to your right & you have one of the most gorgeous city skylines ever? I’m really going to miss that.

3. The comfort of having majority of my school & home friends within walking distance from me.

4. With #3 being said…the people. My friends. Both old & new. I’ve met so many incredible people here in Chicago, some who have become best friends. I also came to this city with best friends from both home & school which made the transition seamless & allowed me to grow even closer to old friends. Still trying to convince a few to come with me…

5. Walking everywhere. Unless it’s pouring rain, you can expect me to walk wherever I need to go, no matter how many neighborhoods away it is. One of my favorite parts of my job is creating my own schedule. I love that during the days in Chicago you can go for a walk outside & forget you’re even in a city yet not feel alone. Does that even make sense…? It’s the fact that the streets can be totally bare during the weekdays yet you never feel unsafe, alone, or bored.

6. I know I already mentioned the pizza but let’s be real that definitely needs it’s own category. However I really will miss all the food & restaurants in Chicago. I’ve had a list in my phone of places I’ve tried/want to try since the summer I interned here & it’s been ongoing ever since. There are always so many new places opening that it’s nearly impossible to try ’em all.

7. The snoooooow! I love snow. Maybe that’s because I work from home so can enjoy it from the comfort of my pajamas & bed all day (ha!) but I’m really going to miss it.

8. The diversity of each neighborhood.

9. The blogging & entrepreneur communities in Chicago are huge. I’m not sure if it’s like this in other cities but the support I receive from other business owners & bloggers is out of this world. In fact, it was my very first “boss” (who is now a great friend) who encouraged me to take the leap & go full time with the blog.

10. Walks through Lincoln Park/North Ave. Beach.

11. More specifically, the cutest little dog beach park up North at Montrose Beach. Oh my goodness, I’m truly not sure anything brings me as much joy as dogs I don’t even know splashing around with one another in the water & sand. Call me a creep but I would take extra long walks up there just to watch those cuties play!

12. The Green City Farmers Market & the Division Street Farmers Market. All other farmers markets for that matter… (Although I’m sure they’re not half bad in L.A. 😉

13. I love how calm & chaotic this city can be all at once. If you take a left out of my building you’re in one of the busiest, most popular areas in the city within one block, yet if you take right you’re in a quiet neighborhood park surrounded by stunning homes.

14. The cleanliness! I’m sort of a neat/germ freak & I freakin’ love how organized Chicago’s trash system is to keep this city squeaky clean.

15. Can I say the people again? The. People.