3 Tips To Indulgently Travel While Staying Fit

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This summer I was traveling constantly & I loved every. single. second of it. I’m a huge believer in indulging during your travels: take in the food, atmosphere, culture, people, everything that spot has to offer. Only issue is, that food part can seriously take a toll on your body. After going from North Carolina to Chicago to L.A. to N.Y.C. back to Chicago, back to N.Y.C., back to L.A., & finally back home in Chicago only to be packing up for a week in Cleveland before moving (!!) to L.A., I’ve learned quite a bit about how to stay healthy & fit while still eating all the goodness each city has. Of course, while this works well for me, it might not for everyone. Take these tips into account & alter them based on where you’re going & how often you’re traveling. These 3 tips have helped save my skin from both stress & diet related breakouts, my stomach from being what seems like eternally bloated, & my overall peace of mind.

1. Take Care Of Your Skin: If you have a long flight or car ride (one where you’re not driving), apply a sheet mask. It will instantly help to moistures & rehydrate your skin since traveling (plus a wacky week of eating on vacation) wipes our skin of tons of essential moisture.

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2. Be Willing To Detox At Least 5 Days Before & After: While it wasn’t easy, this was a huge game changer for me. Living in one of the most food famous cities I always find an excuse to eat delicious meals. Detoxing of carbs, processed sugars, & dairy, all while upping my exercise (aka I start exercising…) for about a week before & after my trip helps to maintain my figure. Plus, I’ve found that eating healthy for about 5 days before a trip makes me feel better & encourages myself to make better food choices regardless of what city I’m in (unless I’m in N.Y.C. in which case I’m having pizza for breakfast, lunch, & dinner).

A Typical Detox Day For Me Looks Like: 80 fl. Oz. water | 1 sweet potato & avocado | 1 Daily Harvest Smoothie (use code PLSR for 3 free ones!) | 1 apple | 1 piece of wild caught salmon & 1 cup broccoli

3. For Every Meal You Indulge In, Take 10k Steps: This one is especially easy if you’re in a big city such as N.Y.C. where walking is typically easier than public transportation or driving. In L.A., it’s a lot harder for me to do this one, however, the food options are generally much healthier in L.A. so there is a bit of give & take with this one. Walking is also one of the best ways to discover a new place & explore all it has to offer. This tip came much easier than expected & is a great rule of thumb for staying in shape & feeling great on vacation.

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