5 Low Sugar Snack Options

Before I dive too far into this post, let’s clear one thing up. None, & I mean NONE, of these low sugar snack options are 1. “diet” snacks & 2. lacking flavor. When it comes to snacking, taste is one thing I won’t give up. After all, I find majority of the time I snack not when I’m necessarily hungry but when I want a little treat throughout a busy day & what’s a treat without flavor?! At the same time, while I hate to say it, typically I fall for those flavorful items that are just down right bad for you. I mean, a single serving bag of chips can often contain more sugar than we need in an entire day… Kind of scary when you really think about it. For foods that are listed as sugar-free options, I’ve heard (I’m no dietician that’s for damn sure…) that typically sugar-free foods actually do have sugar, it’s just hidden in terms of artificial products (aka labels that are impossible to read). The below products labels are all super easy to read & I knew practically every ingredient in each one, which to me says a lot & are exactly why they’re my go-to low sugar snack options.

Low Sugar Snacks Medittera

1. MediterraGo-to Travel Snack: Traveling is often my weak spot for indulging & I’m totally fine with that as I love to enjoy what each city has to offer. However I used to always grab a major bag of chips at the airport (I’m talkin’ family size, people…) & eat it throughout my travel day which starts/ends my trip on a low note if you ask me. Mediterra bars have become my go-to travel snack since they’re freakin’ delicious, super low in sugar, & easy to eat on-the-go. If you’re traveling I suggest throwing a few of these in your bag beforehand & if you’re not traveling I recommend doing the same 😉

Low Sugar Snacks Simple MIlls

2. Simple MillsGo-to Snack When Very Hungry: Half the time I’m snacking it’s because I’m bored, tired, need a break, etc. aka all the wrong reasons. When I’m truly super hungry in the middle of the day though, I always turn to Simple Mills as their portion sizes are very generous. These Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers have less than 1g of sugar per 17 crackers! Their huge Everything Sprouted Seed Crackers also have less than 1g of sugar per 8 crackers & even their Ready To Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies only have 6g of sugar per 3 cookies (often times one cookie alone can have more than 10g…).

Low Sugar Snacks Hippeas

3. HippeasGo-to  Snack For When The Cravings Hit: While I’ve been trying to eat much cleaner lately, there are times (& lots of ’em…) when I cannot get the thought of my favorite 3rd grade snacks (aka the entire chip aisle) out of my head. Hippeas are loaded with flavor & have just 2g of sugar per serving (4oz bag has 4 servings per bag). Plus, they’re gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, have no artificial preservatives, & unlike those chips I ate in 3rd grade (ok & occasionally now…) the bag is actually filled with the puffs!

Annie Chun's Seaweed Snack Low Sugar

4. Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks-Go-to Refreshing Snack: Annie Chun’s makes my favorite snacks for after a workout, during a day at the beach & basically any other time I need something refreshing. They’re super lightweight yet beyond satisfying. Plus the brand makes a variety of products, all equally as good. Their Organic Seaweed Snacks come have been my favorite for a few years now but I recently discovered their Seaweed Crisps & let’s just say my pantry now looks like an Annie Chun’s retail store…

Hummustir Low Sugar Foods

5. Hummustir-Go-to Appetizer Snack: I’m a big appetizer fan because after all, it’s just an excuse to snack before (or “pregame” as my Dad likes to call it) dinner. The more food the merrier yet appetizers can easily be a time where I blow all my hunger on a variety of random treats that are loaded in unhealthy ingredients, including sugar. I’ve recently started bringing Hummustir to parties as their classic has ZERO sugar & a bomb ingredient list. That & I’ve been enjoying it with veggies, sandwiches, & crackers on my own.

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