Back To School: Fall Reading List 2017

Don’t worry, this isn’t your typical back to school reading list filled with hundreds of books you have to read by the end of the month. Instead, these 4 books consist of thrillers, heartfelt comedies, coffee table, & healthy lifestyle guides. They’re 4 of my favorites that I read this summer & highly recommend. Below I’ve given a teensy peek into each one along with information such as suggested reading places (it’s a thing…), length, & more.

Comment below & let me know your favorite books so I can check ’em out! 

fall 2017 must-read books

1. Pretty Baby: If you loved Gone Girl (book or movie, lol) then you’ll love Pretty Baby. This mysterious novel unravels dark family secrets as they unveil themselves in what seems like an act of selflessness. It’s the perfect read before bed book however it is pretty lengthy & very addicting so you might not get much sleep… What else is new, amirite?!

2. Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, & Free Yourself From Food Drama Forever: OK so the title basically says it all but you guysssss, the author Kelly LeVeque, is seriously life-changing. Her views on food & the way they react with our bodies & minds is pretty incredible. Obviously this one is great for the kitchen but also makes a great beach read where you can bookmark recipes & lightly learn all about our composition (casual…).

3. The Rosie Project: This novel follows Don, a genetics professor who often finds himself isolated from those around him, in his quest for the perfect spouse. True to any good book, the plan goes haywire & it will leave you both feeling good & opening up your mind to quite a bit. While it’s nearly 300 pages, this book is a super quick read making it perfect for a flight or afternoon in the park. Read it soon though because it was recently picked up for the big screen.

4. Love Her Wild, Poems: I’ve followed Atticus on Instagram for quite some time now & his feed is equally dreamy as it is inspiring, which rings true for his new collection of poems that was recently released. It’s a super light read & can be read sporadically as these raw poems are often no more than a few lines, making it the perfect coffee table book.

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