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Beach Bungalow Bathroom Decor

Decorating my bathroom was quite possibly the hardest part of my designing my home interior. The rest of my place had neutral white walls & light tan wooden floors so it was as if I was working with a blank palette to do whatever I wanted. For the bathroom however, it had blue tiles (seen above) both on the shower walls & floor. While I absolutely adore the charm those tiles give the room, it limited the direction I could take with the room. I thought I was going to do something simple but then decided why not play on that accent color & do something I love with it! This straw & tassel basket was my first purchase for the room. It’s seriously one of my favorite pieces in the entire house & I get endless compliments on it whenever people are over! It’s super durable & holds at least 2 weeks worth of laundry (clearly I need to do some if I’ve figured that out…) plus looks amazing in any room. I couldn’t decide if I was going to put it in the bathroom or my bedroom but opted for the bathroom to give it some boho vibes. I then stumbled across this mat during a 3am online shopping session (whoops!) that isn’t truly intended for a bathroom but I loved the idea of having a patterned rug in there. It’s super soft & has actually held up really well despite any steam, water, usage, etc. To tie it all together I chose these towels in the purple color as they played off the rug really well. I ordered these online without feeling them so was honestly a bit nervous but I’ve been so pleased with them. They’re beyond cozy, dry you off in seconds (anyone else absolutely hate when towels leave you feeling damp…??), & look great on the rack. As someone who doesn’t typically do much color, I was so pleased with how the bathroom turned out!

As for little details (that make a BIG difference) I chose this soap & cannot get over how good it smells. As someone who is constantly baking, I’m also constantly washing my hands since I’m dealing with a lot of raw ingredients. They have a tendency to dry out from washing them so often but this soap is a total game changer. It keeps my hands so moisturized & soft! Speaking of keeping my hands soft, I recently stumbled across Lano & instantly became obsessed with their products. Their lemon hand cream & 101 ointment have quickly become staples in my bag, car, & on my bathroom shelf. I seriously don’t know what I did before them! I’m totally the type of person who is conscious about the ingredients in my products which is why Herbivore Botanicals is one of my all time favorite brands. Their products are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective, a winning combination if you ask me. I use their Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist every single morning to keep my skin looking fresh & feeling clean. This is also an essential when traveling as it keeps your skin super hydrated. I also use their Blue Clay & Blue Tansy masks each once a week. They make my skin feel like I just had a very expensive facial (ha!) & also help me to unwind after a long day. I’ve always wanted California beach waves & now that I actually live here, I have no excuse. Their Sea Salt Hair Mist truly helps me achieve the perfect beachy hair look (plus it smells incredible!).

Another staple I keep in my bathroom is this stunning Plum Pretty Sugar robe. It’s extremely lightweight & is perfect for right after a shower. I wear it every morning while getting ready & love how it looks hanging in the bathroom. If you don’t have one of their robes you’re seriously missing out!

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Straw & Tassel Basket | Towels | Rug | Soap | Lano hand cream | Lano 101 Ointment | Herbivore Rose Hydrating Mist | Herbivore Blue Clay Mask | Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask | Herbivore Sea Salt Hair Mist | Plum Pretty Sugar Robe

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