Breakfast In Bed + 5 Pancake Recipes

Show Me Your Mumu Back To Bed

I’m about as OCD, neat-freak as it gets but the one time I’ll make an exception about not eating at the table is when there’s breakfast in bed. The whole idea of getting to stay in bed just a few minutes longer (doesn’t it seem like the bed is always that much cozier in the morning??) & enjoy a delicious meal, even I can’t turn that down. Back in Mexico, my friends & I had the most ridiculous breakfast in bed. Obviously I can’t recreate that every Sunday morning because, well let’s face it, I’d eat it all myself… BUT when I got this new cute sleep shirt I felt it was the perfect excuse for some pancakes in bed. Below you can shop these cozy pjs AND find 5 of my favorite pancake recipes everrrr.

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5 Pancake Recipes You Need To Try:

1. Donut Pancakes

2. Candied Blueberry, Lavender, & Rose Pancakes

3. Cookie Dough Stuffed Pancakes

4. Fig & Honey Pancakes

5. Healthy Pancakes