Gift Guide: For The Baker

This is easily one of my favorite posts to create each year because it’s essentially my grown-up version of a wishlist for Santa! That & a few products I seriously cannot live without. Scroll down to see why you & everyone you know needs these items in their lives!

1. Toaster: I know what you’re thinking, but what does toast have to do with baking?? Well have you ever toasted a pound cake. Reason enough people, reason enough.

2. Copper Whisk: Often times with kitchen gadgets we forget to invest in the ones we use most, regardless of how simple they are. A great whisk makes for an even better cake. Trust me, you need this bad boy in your kitchen.

3. Apron: Throw a little monogram on this cutie & you instantly have the chicest hostess gift!

4. Cookie Cutters: A few years back my Mom bought me a case of 20+ cookie cutters & it’s made cookie decorating (especially this time of year with family & friends) so much more fun.

5. Ornaments: Any foodie will be obsessed with these cute ornaments. Plus they’re super affordable & make for perfect stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts!

6. Mug: Two words: mug cakes.

7. Measuring Cups: I recently poured my bags of flour & sugar into plastic containers & these measuring cups make scooping a totally mess-free & accurate situation.

8. Vanilla: If I’m particular about one thing in the kitchen it’s that I must use pure vanilla extract. None of that imitation stuff that quite frankly scares me. This brand is my absolute favorite & makes everything taste better!

9. Stand Alone Mixer: Every time I’m back at my parents house I wind up makes about 20 batches of cookies, 2 loafs of bread, & so much more all just so I can use their mixer. It’s such a game changer in the kitchen you guys!

10. Cards: Because what’s a cute gift without an equally cute & thoughtful card!

11. Tray: For that friend who always whips up the best pancakes & french toast for all the girls in the morning!

12. Cookie Mix: One of my favorite cookie shops in LA recently collaborated with Williams-Sonoma to create boxed cake mixes & they’re seriously out of this world delicious!

13. Cookbook: This top-rated cookbook is all about baking the best cookies, cakes, & more desserts!