Gift Guide: For The Fitness Fanatic

Writing this post after going to the Museum of Ice Cream & then having pizza for dinner is a bit confusing but also somewhat motivating. Ever since I moved to LA I’ve been really aware of how my body reacts to working out. I think it started with the move as I walked everywhere in Chicago & now in LA, I drive almost everywhere. I noticed I felt more exhausted & less energized in general once I moved & while of course part of that was due to the big move, the other part was from the lack of activity. I committed myself to doing a 21 day workout challenge & ever since I’ve been a workout fanatic. I love the way it makes me feel both physically & mentally. A lot of the items on my holiday wishlist this year are workout clothes & equipment so I figured I’d share with y’all in case you know anyone who is super into working out or wants to get into it more! Can totally be yourself too 🙂