Holiday Gift Guide: Books

To me books are a guaranteed hit to give & much appreciated gift to receive. There is typically lots of meaning behind the gift of giving a book & they’re perfect for that person who seems to have everything. Plus, they’re wildly affordable & easy to wrap, which is one thing I always underestimate each holiday season! There are incredible books for everyone on your list (even those who don’t consider themselves readers!) & billions to choose from which is why I’ve rounded up my absolutely favorite books that I will surely be gifting this holiday season.

  1. Classic Style: for the unorganized & organized
  2. Eat Beautiful: for the beauty-lover, holistic-practicing, & intrigued
  3. Sunday Suppers: for the chef, parent, & child
  4. See San Francisco: for the traveler, blogger, & lover of all things pretty
  5. The Story of OLT: for the fashionista, artist, & achiever
  6. Surf Shack: for the ultimate beach babe & decor obsessed
  7. The Hungry Brain: for the inquisitive & “willpower”-less
  8. Paris in Bloom: for the daydreamer, adventurer, & girly-girl
  9. The World of Shabby Chic: for the designer, homebody, & detail-oriented
  10. The Desserts of New York: for the Instagram obsessed, foodie, & traveler
  11. How We Eat With Our Eyes & Think With Our Stomachs: for the smart, curious, & foodie
  12. Escape: for the globe-trotter, photographer, & seeker
  13. The Wisdom of Sunday’s: for the inspirational, Oprah-lover, & thoughtful one
  14. Body Love: for the science loving, curious, & health conscious