Holiday Travel Essentials

After I created this post of my favorite 16 holiday travel essentials, I realized these would all double as incredible stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts! That is all except the luggage which I mean, hey, if you want to make that the physical “stocking” & stuff it with all these goodies, more power to ya/plz be my friend. Anyway below are all the items I seriously cannot travel without. Some make me feel better while others are just downright essential. Trust me, purchasing any of these will instantly make your life easier, especially this holiday season.

1. YSL Paris Perfumed Lotion: Hydrating your skin after a long day of travel is a must. Whether you’re on a flight or driving cross country, the changes in temperate & altitude easily dehydrate your body, skin included. Aside from this being one of the BEST smelling lotions on the market, it’s extremely nourishing to your skin & will leave you silky smooth.

2. Karen Walker Tortoise Sunnies: Even if you’re not going somewhere warm this holiday season, sunglasses are a must-have after a long day of travel. This pair in particular will cover all the bags & instantly make you that much chicer.

3. Sonix Portable Charger: I threw two of these on this gift guide because they’re seriously the most essential. I don’t know about you but the outlets on my flights N E V E R work & it’s beyond frustrating. While these last a super long time, I always forget to recharge them (whoops!) so I throw two in my bag just in case.

4. Gray Malin x Away Luggage: At the top of my holiday wish-list (cough, cough hi Mom!) are the pieces of luggage from Gray Malin’s collaboration with Away. Talk about traveling in style…

5. Urbanista Wireless Headphones: OK here’s the thing. Those wireless headphone buds? I just cannot get on with that trend. They honestly freak me out a little bit which is just one of the many reasons I love these (normal looking, lol) affordable yet stylish headphones.

6. Honest Hand Sanitizer: This isn’t just a travel must-have but it’s a life essential, in my opinion. I’m a teensy bit of a germ freak especially when it comes to public spaces (i.e. airports, rest stops, etc.) so knowing I can wash my hands with a plant based spray that actually does the job is life-changing.

7. Wet Brush: I don’t know about you but anytime I wear a scarf, jacket, or sit for long periods of time with the back of my head pressed up against something (aka any chair) I get a massive knot in the back of my hair. These brushes are not only amazing for wet hair but they’re perfect for traveling as they’re super lightweight.

8. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Eye Masks: I’ve said it multiple times before & I’ll probably spam you with these a million times more but they’re just so. darn. perfect. These eye masks instantly reduce puffiness & lines PLUS they feel like you just had a fancy AF facial. Their individual packets make them the ideal travel companion.

9. BKR Bottles: Most airports nowadays have water fountains that you can fill up a bottle with once you pass through security. A lot of the ones I’ve seen even have purified water (what, what!) AND it’s free! Instead of spending $5 on a plastic water bottle each time you fly, save money & the environment by switching to these adorable BKR bottles.

10. RxBar: It’s no secret I’m a huge RxBar fan so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I always have them on me when traveling. They’re surprisingly filling which is essential for me as I’ve been known to devour allll the fast-food when starving at an airport. Basically, thank you RxBar for being the best-from me & my Dr.

11. Tarte Lipstick: So you’ve just arrived at your travel destination & whether that’s the in-laws or a private island, you want to look good. Feeling fresh & looking it are two of the hardest things for me to achieve after a long day of travel but a little lip color always helps me out. This one comes in SO many shades that you’re bound to find the perfect one regardless of where you’re headed this holiday season!

12. SkinnyDip London Pens: Whenever I’m traveling, I always use it as an excuse to brainstorm both personal & work ideas/goals. It’s the ultimate time to unwind, disconnect, & work on yourself which is why I always make sure I have some pens & a good notebook around to jot down those ideas as they come to me.

13. Pop & Suki Camera Bag & Keychain: Sometimes I use this bag for my actual camera (what it’s technically meant for) & other times I use it as my bag. The neutral color & high quality fabric makes it the perfect travel bag. Plus, it surprisingly holds a TON!

14. Kristin Ess Travel Sized Hair Products: If we’re close enough that I’ll be buying you a gift this holiday season, stop reading now. This is 100% what I’ll be getting everyone on my list. Annnnd I also snagged some for myself because it’s basically the best. It’s affordable, smells delicious, perfect size for traveling, & works WONDERS on your hair.

15. Fujifilm Instax Camera: If I don’t need to travel with my work camera, I always bring this one along as it’s super compact yet helps to truly capture the moment. Plus, polaroids are such a cute way to document a trip!

16. Soft Fleece Throw: I’m a little bit of a blanket snob & this one totally passes my test. I’ll be bringing it on all my adventures this holiday season as I just cannot get enough of it’s coziness!