Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

For Her:

  1. 2 Piece Rose Gold Suitcase Set: Is it just me or does it seem like suitcases are super trendy now? I recently went to the airport with my 10+ year old (broken, mind you) suitcase & couldn’t help but notice how chic everyone luggage was! This matching sets such a perfect gift & the color could not be more perfect for Valentine’s Day! Want to make it an extra special gift? Surprise your loved one with tickets somewhere amazing inside!
  2. Sugarfina Candy Bar: This is without a doubt, my absolute favorite candy bar out there. It’s a milk chocolate base topped with mini champagne bears that tastes as good as they look! Plus this packaging just screams Happy Valentine’s Dy!
  3. Peplum Pink Swimsuit: This was the first thing on my gift guide because it’s been in my shopping cart for 2 weeks now. I definitely need to pull the trigger on this one as a little Valentine’s Day treat to ma’self because I just know I’ll be devastated if/when it sells out. This cute little suit could also be accompanied by some plane tickets somewhere warm 😏 just sayin’!
  4. Pink Vintage-Style Sunglasses: These chic sunnies are such a flattering style & are super affordable too! Again, the pink is just so on point for a Valentine’s Day gift that can easily translate for year-round!
  5. Pizza Heart Sweatshirt: No sweatshirt has ever spoken to me more than this bad boy. I mean “pizza” embroidered in a heart? C’mon! It’s just too good.
  6. Le Creuset Pink Heart Dutch Oven: I used to not care about the brands or quality of my kitchen supplies (truly I only bought what looked cute 😂) but once I started using Le Creuset (I mean talk about cute products) I never wanted to use anything else. Their products are truly top quality & as a result your food cooks/bakes properly. It’s pretty insane the differnece a high-quality product can make. This Dutch Oven from the brand is on the top of my list. I mean just look at that pink heart shape! Cutest Valentine’s Day gift ever!
  7. Fuzzy Pink Slippers: I got these a few weeks ago & can’t even tell you the amount of times friends have told me to take them off before going in public. I’m just so obsessed with their cute style & how ridiculously cozy they are that I never want to take them off! Honestly I wouldn’t hate getting another pair for Valentine’s Day so I can have an indoor & outdoor pair 😂
  8. Smith & Cult Pink Nail Polish: It’s no secret I loooove a good pink nail polish & this one from Smith & Cult is my latest favorite. It’s legit the best pink I’ve found in a while. Just make sure you give it to her before date night so she can throw a coat on before 😏
  9. Instax Pink Camera: These cameras are seriously the most fun & produce adorable polaroid snaps! I love the idea of gifting (or receiving, wink wink!) this pretty & affordable pink camera for the holiday.
  10. Love Ring: I mean, nothing says I love you (literally) more than this ring. Easily one of the most stunning rings I’ve ever seen, this is a gift that will truly last a lifetime.
  11. Calvin Klein Bralette: We all know how cool Calvin Klein undergarments are now-a-days but this grey & pin band? I meannnn it really doesn’t get any cuter! They even have a pair of matching underwear. SO adorable!
  12. Rose Gold Curling Wand: This 3-in-1 curling wand is perfect for all hair types. Not to mention it’s seriously the cutest! The rose gold finish makes it an absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day gift!
  13. Pink Heart Matches: I’ve been collecting matchbooks lately & would looove this one for Valentine’s Day! It’s super cute, totally on theme, & is an affordable yet thoughtful gift. If you’re looking to gift more, pair it with her favorite candle!
  14. Sugar Lips Candy: If you haven’t tried these, I’m warning you you’re going to be totally addicted. I bought them as a gift but after they sat on my desk for a few days waiting for the party I couldn’t help myself & devoured the entire container!! Such a cute Valentine’s Day gift as their packaging is even customized for the holiday!

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For Him:

  1. Candy Marntini Shaker: By now you’ve caught on that I’m possibly Sugarfina’s biggest fan. I mean is this not the cutest candy gift in the whole wide world?! I don’t know anyone, guy or girl, who wouldn’t love to receive this.
  2. Calvin Klein Boxers/Briefs: Yes it’s a classic gift but it’s a gift they’ll love, use, & it’s themed for Valentine’s Day with a light pink pair!
  3. Bomber Jacket: Anyone else use holidays as an excuse to buy your boyfriend or guy in your life a gift you want them to wear 😂? Hint, hint guys: this jacket!!
  4. Date Night Cookbook: Pretty self explanatory but would be such a cute gift if you paired it with a bottle of wine or some fresh ingredients so you can cook together!
  5. Navy & Tan Leather Watch: Talk about a dream gift! This stunning watch is such a classic style, they’ll love it (& you for gifting it 😏) forever!
  6. Nespresso Maker: The perfect gift for him (that you also get to use, ha!) if he loves coffee or being in the kitchen. This sleek set is the gift that keeps on giving. My idea? Set up the gift in the kitchen, make him some coffee, surprise him in bed with the coffee & then wait until he sees this bad boy in the kitchen later on!
  7. Cologne: There’s a reason this is the top rated mens’ cologne on Nordstrom & several other stores. It smells ridiculously good, the packaging is on point, & it lasts quite some time.
  8. Grey Pullover: This pullover is perfect for cold weather (layering), warm weather (breezy nights), & cuddling on the couch. It’s beyond soft & helps to make your guy look pulled together very easily.
  9. Box of Chocolates: Ok fine I caved & went with a classic gift. But when a gift comes wrapped looking this good (yup, no work for you!) it’s got to make the list! Perfect for a newer relationship or if your guy is a foodie!
  10. Wine Glasses: Anyone else know a guy who uses red cups for even the fanciest of nights… Ya, thought so. These sleek glasses are the perfect gift & will make for a great start to date night!

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