What I Get At The Grocery Store

Hi hi! OK so I know it’s been a MINUTE since I last did a YouTube video buttttt I recorded one earlier this week & I finally uploaded it this morning for y’all to watch! YAAAY! I think the last video I did was about What I Eat In A Day per reader request & this time around I did another reader request video of what I buy at the grocery store since I get asked that so often. Spoiler alert: as I mention in the video, it seriously makes me so happy that you guys always ask that because I freakin’ looooove the grocery store. Like so much. I think I go about 5x a week. Oops! Anyway one of my favorite spots here in LA is Erewhon which is a curated health foods store with both freshly prepared & packaged foods/drinks. I explain more about what Erewhon is like in the video but basically they have super unique brands (if you don’t live in LA, I linked a ton of the products below!) & cool foods. PLUS I give you my totally honest reviews of products so you know what to & what not to get when you go. I hope you love the video! Comment below letting me know what other types of video you’d like to see & don’t forget to subscribe below! XO


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