Fall Food Bucketlist

1. Go to a pumpkin patch. Duh. Then bake some pie with ’em.

2. Make Sophie Jaffe’s pumpkin persimmon smoothie served in mini pumpkins.

3. Check out the Taste of Home Pumpkin cookbook filled with over 101 seasonal recipes.

4. Host a potluck dinner with friends & make this squash goat cheese app.

5. Get ready for sweater weather with PSL cookie dough.

6. Yet… still fit into your skinny jeans with this coconut curry sweet potato bowl.

7. Check out the seasonal flavor at your local donut shop.

8. Make Flynn Skye founder, Amber Farr’s, adorable yet spooky sugar cookies.

9. Get on board with the Pumpkin Spiced Latte & make this PSL chia seed pudding.

10. Take care of your skin with this natural facemark that smells like pumpkin pie.

11. Ummm who knew pumpkin pie Kit-Kats were a thing?! Order. Them. Now.

12. Eat this caramel pumpkin butter over ice cream by the spoonful.

13. Don’t have time to bake a pie? Light this pumpkin chai candle & people will think you’ve opened a bakery.

14. Be the coolest neighbor while handing out candy for Halloween with these sweet treats.

15. Try to master an apple pie recipe (tip: make the crust a bit thicker than the recipe calls for).



fall food bucketlist