The Best Kitchen Tools These Foodies Swear By

When it comes to kitchen appliances, the options are endless. For each individual category, there are not only millions of products available, but millions of brands, types, & styles to choose from. Since (we’re guessing hoping…) no one wants to be a kitchen hoarder, just how do you narrow it down? We’ve called in four top food experts to share their must-have kitchen appliances with us. Not only are these products the most practical & productive, most of them also look super cute on a countertop!

the kitchen appliances you need to buy asap

Chelsey White, founder of ChelSweets:
“I have had this stand for years & it has never let me down! It can support very heavy cakes & is dream to decorate on.”
Chelsey also loves her…
“I use this on every cake I make!! It helps me evenly spread frosting between cake layers.” I also use it for certain decorating techniques.”
“I love cutting into my cakes with color coordinated knives!”
“I cannot get frosting smooth without it [bench scraper]!!”

Candace Nelson, Founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes
“My Kitchen-Aid mixer is like my third child. When we started Sprinkles we were literally using mixers like this [standard size]. They were running nearly 24 hours a day & did so well. Because of that I will always be loyal to this [mixer].”

Rosie O’Neill, Founder of Sugarfina
“One of my favorite things ever is this [zester] for zesting. The micro blade tools…all work differently. One for lemon zest, one for parmesan, I just love those things! If you add a little lemon zest to a recipe it totally elevates it.”
What can a blender not do, is the real question? I love my high speed blender for essentially everything – making breakfast smoothies, my avocado cream pasta sauce, & even whipping up delicious vegan & GF energy bites. I love the ease of a recipe that comes together with the press of a button.”
Samah also loves her…
I may just contend that this is the most underrated kitchen gadget of them all. When I’m craving a cookie, there is nothing else I turn to than my oven-safe skillet! It is the perfect vehicle to make my vegan & gluten-free chocolate chip cookie pie – a weekly staple in my home & essentially a larger version of the perfect chocolate chip cookie (that happens to use better-for-you ingredients too)! There’s nothing better than pulling it out of the oven (remembering to use your oven mitt of course…), & taking straight to it with a spoon and a scoop of ice cream.”