What Your Favorite Influencers Are Asking For This Holiday Season

You know those people who are seemingly impossible to shop for? Maybe they have everything. Maybe they just don’t want anything yet you insist on having something for them to unwrap this holiday season. We all know at least one person like that. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of some of our favorite influencers. They’re sharing what’s on the top of their holiday list this year. From the comfiest APL slides (even Oprah swears by this brand) that your feet will instantly thank you for to an at-home sauna & everything in between, below are the items you can’t go wrong with from the experts themselves.

what your favorite influencers are asking for this holiday season

Michaela Podolsky: “This holiday season I’m dying to get my hands on the Ziip by Ziip Beauty. It’s an at home electrical facial device that pretty much takes care of every skin concern. No really, every skin concern.”

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: “[I’m] hoping for organic cotton bedding this year! Boll & Branch is a great brand [as is] The Citizenry, owned by two girls from [my] home state of Texas!”

Oprah: Ok fine, the queen herself didn’t exactly give us a quote for these slides BUT they’re on the top of our wishlist & that’s got to count for something, right? Plus, Oprah did put APL on her Favorite Things list this year so you know they’ll be good.

Payton Sartain: “I’m asking for these STUNNING Louis Vuitton boots, because I’ve made it my thing to get one high-quality gift from my family rather than a number of smaller gifts, as I’m slowly building my designer collection year-by-year!” *These are a great similar yet more affordable option.

Melissa Wood: “I would love an infrared sauna in my apartment. It would save me so much time going to & from places that have one, especially now that I have two littles. It’s the ultimate detoxing beauty enhancer. I swear by it & have been doing it for years. It’s pricey but when it comes to your health there’s nothing more important. I would just need to find space for it!” *If you’re looking for a similar yet more costly option this at-home facial sauna is a great option that the PLSR team recommends!

Sazan Hendrix: “Now that I’m a mom, I realize the importance of creating cozy memories in our home. Being at home is one of my fave things honestly & I’d love to see more family photos on our walls! [I] would love a family gallery wall with professionally framed photos of us in my house (something I’m terrible at doing myself which is why I’ve thrown this project off ha!).”

Cydney Morris of Stone Cold Fox:  “The Business & Pleasure Co. beach chair is the perfect beach essential, looks really big when you wrap it, & it’s the perfect gift for any age or gender. I’m obsessed with mine & take it everywhere with the shoulder strap.”