Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Foodies

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Foodies

While this gift guide is technically for “foodies”, is anyone NOT a “foodie”? We all like food, most of us love the stuff. So basically this is a gift guide for everyone. It just highlights the best food tools, products, & well, food itself making it the best gift guide for all of Valentine’s Day 2019. You’re welcome.

Mosser Pink Glass Bowls: This trio of glass bowls is equally perfect for those who do love to cook & those who loathe the activity. If they’re the latter, this is one way for them to actually enjoy spending time in the kitchen. After all, who wouldn’t love staring at these pretty pink bowls on a countertop or while preparing lunch for the next 5 days… If they do enjoy spending time in the kitchen then they’ll certainly appreciate the luxury of the Mosser brand along with the quality & design of these bowls to make cooking in, cleaning & storing them a breeze.

Truff Hot Sauce: Seriously is there anything better, not only for this holiday, but for life in general that TRUFFLE INFUSED HOT SAUCE. The invention of this product has us lusting for more all while wondering why the heck we didn’t think of it in the first place. We have a feeling gifting this for Valentine’s Day will really turn up the heat…

Carb Chocolates: Y’all know we love Maggie Louise Confections for not only their adorably designed chocolates but the delicious taste of each one. These carb themed ones are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a friend, someone who loathes the holiday, or anyone who just really loves carbs &/or chocolate (aka every single person).

Rose Soap: Aside from it’s stunning packaging that will help take your kitchen sink to the next level (because let’s be honest, what kitchen sink doesn’t need a little help…), this soap is perfect for the person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. When we cook, we often wash our hands an excessive amount to keep foods & ourselves safe. This, obviously, leads to hands drying out but we’ve found this soap to moisturize our hands just as much as it cleans them. A true lifesaver for anyone who likes to cook or just ya know, be clean.

Lokai Pink Water Bottle: Was their resolution to use less plastic in 2019? Are they super swamped & need a drink to stay either hot or cold for hours on end so they don’t have to reheat their coffee 15x throughout the day? Do they want to support charities (Lokai donates 10% of net profits)? Do they just love the color pink (or black, white, etc.)? Then get them this Lokai water bottle. It’s the solution to all of those questions above & our favorite part is the fact that they offer THREE different lid options so you can swap out a metal straw for a cap or a twist on one depending on what helps you drink more water (or coffee… or margaritas…).

Sweet Laurel Cookbook: We bet you’ll win over major points with your SO if you not only gift this book, but a Sweet Laurel treat to go along with it. Don’t stress about the waistline, all Sweet Laurel recipes are GF, DF, refined sugar-free & basically a vegetable that tastes like your favorite childhood dessert by some magical account.

Laduree Chocolate Covered Macarons: Everyone loves macarons so what happens when you take some of the best macarons in the world & COVER THEM IN CHOCOLATE. *insert drooling face here* You might want to snag a few of these for yourself too because they’re too good to just give to someone else…

SMEG Pink Toaster: This SMEG toaster somehow, someway makes its way to the top of our wishlist nearly every time we write a post like this. One day, one day… Anyway for that lucky someone in your life, let us stress to you that they will LOVE this gift . No seriously, it’s one of the top brands in the culinary world & it’s freakin’ pink for crying out loud. Name a better combination. We’ll wait…

Brown Sugar Candle: If you enter our office you’ll wonder for a minute if it’s the PLSR HQ or a Little Market storeThat is how much we love & stock up on these candles. This sweet flavor of brown sugar is the perfect gift for anyone you love. Hand poured by women artisans & refugees in the US this is a gift that also gives back. Double win, right?!