DIY Jimmy Choo ‘Lilyth’ Bow Heels Tutorial

Jimmy Choo Lilyth Heel

Ever since I spotted these gorgeous heels on Margo & Me at Create + Cultivate I knew I had to have them. Yet once I found out who made them I knew it most likely wouldn't happen. I'm all for splurging when appropriate but these heels felt more like something I would wear just … [Read more...]

DIY Flower Sunglasses & Headband Tutorial

DIY Flower Sunglasses & Headband Tutorial

Truthfully, I made these sunglasses about 2 years ago. Yet every single time I wear them I get endless compliments & questions on where I got them. I'm not exactly sure where I purchased the sunglasses themselves but the floral embellishments came from Moi! I've recreated … [Read more...]

DIY Tory Burch ‘Rosette’ Slip-On Sneaker Tutorial

DIY Tory Burch Sneaker Tutorial

I first spotted these sneakers at Nordstrom & was obsessed with their plum color. It was so unique & as I noticed more details on the shoe I fell in love. Then I looked at the price tag of $225, put the shoe down, & walked away. $225 for sneakers? Not even sneakers I … [Read more...]