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Decorating Macaron Recipe

Here's the thing: macarons are quite possibly the most difficult dessert to make. They also happen to be one of my favorites. So when the humidity is out the roof all. week. long. & there's absolutely no way you'll be able to create a batch, go to the local bakery, pick up a … [Read more...]

Baking Wants & Needs

I've been very fortunate to have such an awesome roommate, possibly the best ever. She put up with my little kitchen mishap. She taste tests every single one of my recipes. And she even lets me take over pretty much every closet & cabinet in our apartment with loads of sugar … [Read more...]

In the Media

As Seen In:      More: 7 DEADLY #SINNING Cinnamon Roll Layered Cake 93.9 MY FM Milk & Cereal Popsicles 97.5 Mini Pop-Tart Cereal AMATASTA Mini Pop-Tart Cereal AOL Interview 5 Minute 2 Step Valentine's Day Dessert Bio Public Lives: Rosie … [Read more...]