Homemade Sprinkle Recipe

You've made the cake. You even went as far to make the frosting. Now wow everyone by making the topping: sprinkles! The best part about making sprinkles is it's super easy. I'm talking, easier than making the cake, frosting, or most desserts in general for that matter. The bad … [Read more...]

Candy Cake Recipe

You've come to this site because clearly you like desserts. So what happens when you take a cake an make it 10000x sweeter than ever before? THIS. Candy Cake Recipe   Save Print Author: Public Lives, Secret Recipes Ingredients for cake: your favorite cake recipe … [Read more...]

This Week on PLSR

1. There are so many incredibly talented people on Instagram. If you're like me you'll stumble across one & then spend the rest of your afternoon going from one account to another seeking out creative & unique individuals. Luckily for me (& now for you too!) one day a … [Read more...]

Cookies & Cream Pop-Tart Frosting

Everyone knows a standard red velvet cake comes with cream cheese frosting. So how can you take that frosting to the next level? Add in some cookies & cream Pop-Tarts! Cookies & Cream Pop-Tart Frosting   Save Print Author: Public Lives, Secret Recipes … [Read more...]

This Week on PLSR

Not even a cake of herself could cheer up Grumpy Cat...but it certainly did cheer up everyone eating it! 1. H&M announced this week at the Billboard Music Awards via Kendall Jenner & Joan Smalls (because how else would you announce something that major than with two of … [Read more...]