Homemade Snicker’s Bar Recipe

Ever since I made my Matzo Toffee, I've been obsessed with making caramel. No, it isn't the healthiest thing in the world but YES, it might be the most delicious & simplest to make! So the other day when I stopped at Target and picked up a Snickers bar on my way out I … [Read more...]

Baking Wants & Needs

I've been very fortunate to have such an awesome roommate, possibly the best ever. She put up with my little kitchen mishap. She taste tests every single one of my recipes. And she even lets me take over pretty much every closet & cabinet in our apartment with loads of sugar … [Read more...]

Breakfast Pie Recipe

I'm not the biggest breakfast person. That is unless you're serving me waffles & ice cream. Or in this case, a bacon, egg, & cheese pie. (side note: yes, I realize both of those pretty much count as dessert...oh well, I tried!) This BEC breakfast pie is perfect for … [Read more...]