Pretty in Pink | Hot Chocolate | Homemade

If you were to stand behind me in a Starbucks' line you would think I was ordering for a five year old: "Can I please have a tall hot chocolate, extra whipped cream, & chocolate drizzle on top?" Yup, thats what I get… Call me crazy but I can't stand the taste of coffee. Go … [Read more...]

This Week On PLSR

Learn how to make the perfect macaron at a Sur la Table cooking class. Order a custom Rice Krispie cake as a gift or for yourself! Recipe coming soon for pineapple rice. xo, PLSR … [Read more...]

Simply Jules | Julia | Holiday Bark

We all have that person we can look up to, whether it's for practical advice such as to use a camera, what dessert to bake, where to shop, or more advanced, life advice such as what your next career move should be, how to lead a more positive life, or ways to be successful. That … [Read more...]