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Holiday Attire

Holiday Attire

There are so many reasons I love this outfit for the holidays. 1. it's surprisingly not that cold out yet so wearing a dress without tights isn't half bad. 2. the empire waist is essential for feeling & looking good after a huge holiday meal! 3. the color & style of the … [Read more...]

Public Lives: Eat Travel Rock | Secret Recipes: Cannoli French Toast

Cannoli French Toast Recipe

Thanks to Kelly of Eat Travel Rock, your breakfast game is about to get a huge step up. While some of our other breakfast recipes may be a bit more time consuming, this one only takes about 25 minutes to make meaning you have no excuse not to make it. Perfect for the holidays, … [Read more...]

Peppermint Cheesecake with Cocoa Pebbles Pie Crust

Cocoa Pebbles Peppermint Cheesecake

Possibly my favorite holiday flavor is peppermint. Add that to something chocolate & I'm hooked. So while brainstorming a dessert for a holiday party I couldn't let go of the idea of peppermint + chocolate. I decided to take one of my all-time favorite cereals, Cocoa Pebbles … [Read more...]