Public Lives: Mushroom Stew | Secret Recipes: Mushie Toast

When Ashley of the blog, Sed Bona, first started her Instagram account she named it Mushroom Stew. Clearly there was a fungi obsessed deeply rooted (pun totally intended) from day one. Not realizing the feedback she would receive on the name itself, Ashley's friends started … [Read more...]

Public Lives: Lakeshore Lady | Secret Recipes: Fried Egg Pasta Sauce

Basil Fried Egg Pasta

You may wonder how a degree in theater, a love for yoga, & a career in marketing all led Lauren of Lakeshore Lady to start her site. Those three don't necessarily have anything in common, but for Lauren's site it makes total sense. Lakeshore Lady, a lifestyle blog, ties in … [Read more...]

Public Lives: Debi Lilly | Secret Recipes: Margarita & Watermelon Salad

debi lilly recipe

If there was ever someone who was born to do exactly what they were doing it would be Debi Lilly. Master of all trades event planning, interior design, business woman, & so much more, everything Debi touches truly turns to gold. Take for instance DL Loft, an event space … [Read more...]

No-Bake Cookie Dough Fudge Recipe

No Bake Cookie Dough Fudge Recipe

Ironically enough, I had a little incident earlier this week (I'll share more details on that at a later point..still a sore subject right now!) while attempting to make cookie dough eggrolls. So while I'm out a stove for the week I figured why not try out some no-bake … [Read more...]