Decorating Macaron Recipe

donut macaron recipe

Here’s the thing: macarons are quite possibly the most difficult dessert to make. They also happen to be one of my favorites. So when the humidity is out the roof all. week. long. & there’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to create a batch, go to the local bakery, pick up a few, & decorate them into fun little donut macarons!

donut macarons recipe
While you didn’t exactly make the macarons, you did decorate them allowing you some sort of credit to all your guests enjoying them! With just a bit of gel food coloring, some paint brushes & a ton of sprinkles, you can truly turn your macarons into whatever you’d like – even emojis!

emoji macaron recipe
On days when the humidity is just right & you want to give macarons a shot, there are always kits like this to help guide you through the process.

donut macaron
Oh, & those adorable little plates? They’re paper & from Topshop!

donut recipe macaronsemoji macarons

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