• Sprinkles Founder Candace Nelson Shares Her Secret Recipe

    I was sitting around with friends the other night talking about products that we refer to by their brand name. Kleenex, Band-Aid, & Crock-Pot (RIP Jack Pearson) were just a few that we thought of immediately. It’s considered one of if not the, highest success in marketing to achieve this status. To a different degree, yet of the […]

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The Best 5 Better-For-You Chocolate Brands You Need To Know About

The 5 Best Better For You Chocolate Brands

Y'all KNOW I cannot go a day without a little bit whole lot of chocolate & I know lots of you feel the same way. I'm all about balance so a little indulgence here & there is totally ok in my book. However after moving to LA I quickly realized there were so many chocolate … [Read more...]

Life Lately

LA Blogger

Hi friends! It's been a while since I just sat down & wrote to ya so figured I'd give you a little life update. It's been about 6 months since I moved to LA & I seriously could not love it more. The weather, people, food, beaches, environment, are all so perfect & I … [Read more...]